WTF is External Rotation?

External Rotation = STRENGTH

Without learning external rotation we default into some really poopy patterns of movement that affect:

  • Shoulder Range-of-Motion
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Anything Push-up, Pull-up, Barbell

And by anything I do mean everything because how you do something is how you do everything.

Gymnastics is as misunderstood as it is ‘feared’. I used to be fearful of it. Then some online people explained in British accents how to perform seemingly simple exercises CORRECTLY.

They kept using this term ‘External Rotation’ and I thought to myself, “why is it called that?”

Simply put, External Rotation = Strength.

Tools of Strength

The Squat Rack is one of the most underutilized and poorly understood tools in human existence. Ones with a pull-up bar are likely the best investment based on the return. It’s becoming my favorite tool to exploit everything but squatting. That’s a given 🙂

22 Holes are VERY close together.

That represents 22 opportunities to perform the:

  • Incline Push-up
  • Incline Row

In a very controlled, consistent and reliable pattern. That guarantees progress. That’s a really good thing.

5 more holes are available for the Incline Push-up.

At the finish of our Gymnastics Course you’ll literally download External Rotation.

You’ll also be freakishly better at push-ups by doing these silly push-ups on a Squat Rack.


With guidance, it’s difficult to screw up anything.

By ourselves, it’s easy to screw up anything.

Boom. Life advice. Need [blank] get a coach….the best you can find.

Sadly, I’m not the best. But I’m trying to constantly improve and I’ve been having that attitude since I was 15. I’m 31 now and a lot more….err well I’m STILL trying dang it!

Math says in 12 weeks that’s 24 holes but I’ll give you spoiler:

Chances are you’ll start at 10 or 11 down.

With experience I can tell all kinds of funny stories but in 6 weeks I know that magic happens via neural pathways given 3 variables:

  • Show Up
  • Do the Work
  • Do the Best You Can

I’m continually perplexed on the simplicity of that, but again, that’s what makes life so fascinating.

Oh, how good we are at overcomplicating simple things!

The picture on the left is common.

We’re not taught external rotation. That makes little sense. It’s the strongest AND safest technique we can literally create when we grab things.

That’s important. That’s practical. That will literally help most things you do in fitness and *gasping in realization….life!


What happens on the way down given the pictures?

  • A – The elbow is away from the body
  • B – The elbow is one with the body
  • C – You added emojis – this question is like college tests – largely irrelevant
  • D – Dang, them veins are popping (we do nutrition too – BOOM)

All kidding aside, if you’re having problems in the Upper Body department in fitness well it’s because you’re mechanics aren’t consistent and it’s impacting your ability to create Power (the quality of Intensity).

That makes everything suck more than it really has to. Which is a choice. Don’t do that. It causes stress and that lowers your serotonin. That’s not good.

External Rotation helps you stand up straight with your shoulders back as a default pattern. It’s important to learn. I wish I did it back in the day. But now I enjoy workouts a lot more. It’s a really tiny investment of time.

Guess what’s happening in our course?

I’m here to help but YOU will put in the work. We’ll show you the minimal dose so you can not spend so much time figuring it out….but then again most people really prefer that….please don’t….it’s like running….which I can show you too….anywho.

Learn External Rotation. The Burpee doesn’t suck. Only attitudes.

Is 6 weeks you’ll be amazed what guidance can and will do for you….or not 🙂

You don’t have to come to every class. You just have to come to most of them….for some knowledge is better than no knowledge.

Learn thyself with the humble push-up and pull-u via External Rotation!

Gymnastics course Starting July 17th – Click to register.

Hesitation = Mediocracy. Don’t hesitate.


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