Yoga in the Gym: What to Expect

Yoga in a gym setting, what to expect.

After graduating my 200HR training, my first paid Yoga gig was within a gym. At the time it was a big gym with a big following and a really excellent Yoga program. I was excited for the opportunity and the challenge. I worked with the best teachers in town, took some incredible classes and taught a lot of yoga there. It was a learning experience for sure.
At this gym, memberships included “free” Yoga, with lots of classes to chose from. Many of my students were “ride or die” athletes; college kids; hungover dudes looking to sweat -it-out, and of course there were a handful of hyper-mobile women who needed more Deadlifts and much less Yoga.
What they had in common, was a drive to look fit and mostly A-Type personality traits. Because of this student body, the Yoga classes were mostly athletic, fast, physically challenging work-outs. Some students would weigh themselves before class and then check the scale after. If I could get you exhausted and down some lbs from the forced heat and humidity, it was class time well spent.

Here’s what i know about Yoga in a gym setting:
~The Yoga will be reflective of the values of the gym.
The Yoga teacher, the style, the schedule, the vibe, will follow the intention of the Gym. It’s really important to know what that intention is and if you don’t know, you should ask!At Locomotion, the Vibe of the gym is structured by its values: energize, empower, educate, and elevate, and is reflected in the Yoga Program too.
~The Yoga is usually held inside the same space as barbells and racks and rowers, etc.
Instead of shiny wood flooring and soft lighting, you might be practicing on gym mat floors that allow for street shoes most of the day. Its not the cleanest nor calmest of studio settings, but can be a well-held space for Practice, if your teacher is strong and the gym vibe is positive.
At Locomotion, we practice in the Box among all the heavy things, rings and ropes. The bay doors stay lifted when the weather permits, welcoming sunshine, cool breeze and ladybugs and small hermit crabs to join us. It’s not hard to mentally drop-in here because our vibe is so good and real. It’s pretty rad!
~The Yoga style and purpose should be to the benefit of the Gym’s Members and support the mission of this community.
At Locomotion, mobility, range of motion, breath and focus are pillars of our Yoga Program. Yoga is a crucial part of our Wellness Initiative because it lengthens compressed muscle, frees ribs and shoulders, restores body and mind and aides in healing and stress recovery. Dedication of Practice will allow each athlete more success in the numbers and a longer future in the gym. Our Yoga is a support system for healthy active living! Yoga in a gym setting is not for everyone looking for a Practice; just as beach yoga, brewery yoga, studio yoga is not for everyone either. You’ll have your preference. If you are comfortable in a gym setting, it will feel very natural to you. If you enjoy a laid back community vibe, you’ll enjoy yoga in the gym. Ultimately it is the guidance of the teacher and the people in the space that make the practice meaningful, sincere and purposeful.

I hope you’ll try Yoga in a gym setting and let me know what you think! xo beth


Written by: Beth Cosi 4/17/2019


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