Yoga is for Beginners, or “I can’t touch my toes”

I could talk endlessly about being inflexible, injured, aging, too big, too weak, …all the reasons I hear, “I can’t do Yoga,” but i won’t waste my time. None of it is true. Period.

Yoga is for every person, especially when you have a beginners mind.

“Anyone can practice. Except lazy people.” ~ Pattabhi Jois

In 2011, I launched a company from the desire to bring more people to the practice of yoga. I wanted the inflexible, the nay-sayers, the bearded, the anti-yoga pants and the beer drinkers. Bendy Brewski Yoga was born from the belief that everyone can and should do yoga. Whether in jeans and socks, encumbered by tight hamstrings or beer bellies, you belong. Everyplace i teach embodies these values.

We are a Tribe; however no special pants, pre-requisites or mat required. Just come as you are; you belong.

Being a Beginner is a special title. It says, new adventure, fresh understanding, and possible discovery. Sometimes it is the marker of letting go and sometimes it is more of a passage. As we get older, being a beginner is less frequent and takes much more courage. Choosing to be a Beginner keeps us young and curious and sparks joy. It encourages growth mindset and allows us to stay engaged with others. Being a beginner is an empowering act of vulnerability. All this, you can find again and again on the Mat.

There is art to teaching. I find that this is exercised more with beginners in the room. Language must be clear and more precise. Like the details in explaining how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to someone who has never heard of “sandwich,” it takes practice and focus and sincerity. Try it. Tell me how to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich! Hint- walk through every step, as if you were the beginner, while being sparse and keep me interested! You’re first time through this might be…well..sticky. Get it? But with years of learning the art of teaching, my ability to bring beginners along fully into the benefits of a yoga practice has been honed. I promise, YOU will enjoy yoga, even You.

Here’s the thing, when we have the mind of a beginner your practice will be stronger, more empowering and bring you more Joy. Embrace the learning and the set-backs. Relish the gains- there will be many! I hope to see you soon on the mat. I’m waiting for you!

By: Beth Cosi

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