New Yoga Memberships!

Our Yoga teacher at Locomotion, Beth Cosi, is one of the best in the business.  Her business Bendy Brewski Yoga has been killing it in Charleston for years, and we’re so excited to have her on board as part of our team as well.  Here’s Beth’s latest message to her students.  Learn more about one of the best yoga classes you’ve ever been to:

Every class you attend not only makes a difference for YOU, but in the class as a WHOLE, and in my experience as a teacher. You are awesome to be in company with and witness to.  I’m so happy to get to know you!  <3
Second- I’m excited to announce the new Yoga series to come!  Rather than a 6-week course, Jay and I decided it is best as a MONTHLY offering with an added class on Friday mornings.  Whoop!
I’ll always teach to the bodies who show up, but here’s my thoughts for the Yoga week:
Tuesdays will be Restorative! 
Do you need to unwind? de-stess?  Do you suffer from insomnia? worry? anxiety?  Maybe you’ve just had a tough day..or month, and you need some rest and nurturing. THIS is the class.
Fridays will be a blend of yin and yang!
A bit more movement and balance – basic postures but more standing- but still mostly floor and yin (hips and back) work.
Saturdays will be yin based, like we have been doing!
Check out the link for more details and to REGISTER! I am capping classes again, and i really want to see YOU there!
Let me or Jay know if you have any questions. I hope you sign up for all 12 classes (a great deal!) and please SPREAD the WORD!
Warmly,  Beth

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