Comfort AND Discomfort at the SAME time.

I want to have a positive impact on every single person in my life.

And if you know me, it’s not from a “people pleaser” standpoint. That’s not the type of person I am.

It’s not about me, either.

I just want you to be happy.

There’s a whole side of me that isn’t a coach, too. I’m a husband, son, brother, in-law, friend, and just a guy to share a laugh and a good time with.

The impact I have on many comes from my role as a coach.

Usually that impact comes from either making you comfortable or uncomfortable.

The key is doing each in the right way.

I want you to be comfortable to be yourself in the place my team and I have created. Comfortable to be yourself, wear what you want, and sing and dance if you choose. Free from judgment or ridicule.

I want you to be uncomfortable in your daily pursuits. I want you to go harder than you think you can in a workout some days just to see what happens. I want you to have a few big things each year you’re working toward (now perhaps I’m talking more outside the gym), and I want you to say them out loud. I want you to put them on the calendar and make them real.

I want you to attack life in your pursuit of your goals, and when you reach them I want you to get a little uncomfortable again.


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